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A Simple Guide to the Forefoot Step – Natural walking

Learn the functional forefoot step movement pattern and become a whole new person. Rid yourself of the causes for various foot problems or back pain and feel more flexible, dynamic and powerful – in a completely natural way. Your posture will also noticeably improve and you will feel new self-confidence. In this book you will learn how it all works. Written in a light and easy way with lots of pictures and practice examples so you can get started right away.

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Zig-Zag Line – A Simple Guide to Functional Movements

Would you like to be rid of your back problems and poor posture once and for all? Then you should learn the functional movement pattern “Zig-Zag Line”. Fascia and movement expert Dirk Beckmann shows you how it all works in this book. The Zig-Zag Line will not only let you forget about your lumbago and other painful back problems, it will also help you achieve a straighter and more balanced posture. And this will lead to a more positive aura, while giving you more energy. Written in a light and easy style, and naturally with lots of pictures and practice examples, this little book will help you find your way back to a completely natural movement pattern. Not only will you easily manage all your daily chores and enjoy working in your garden again, you will even be able to pull your weight the next time a friend moves house. Simple, uncomplicated and to the point, so you can get started right away. Available soon in English!



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