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Dirk Beckmann:
Author, trainer and
founder of
Equilibrium State

Born in Düsseldorf, Dirk Beckmann became interested in the subject of “movement” early on. At the age of six he discovered the Asian martial arts and later also their European counterpart, and such disciplines continue to interest him to this day. So therefore, the art of perfecting and optimizing movement patterns has interested him since his earliest childhood, which ultimately helped him to develop a trained eye for functional patterns of movement.

In the search for means, ways and methods to improve his own quality of movement, he came into contact with various techniques for manipulating the connective tissue surrounding the muscles, the so-called fascia. Fascinated by the significant results of this treatment and the positive impact on his own body’s posture and movement patterns, he decided to teach himself these methods.

In 2005 he opened his own therapy practice in Düsseldorf and established himself as local expert for improving body posture and movement patterns. Over the years his name became more widely known so that clients began finding their way to him from far beyond the boundaries of the metropolis on the Rhine. Not only clients from Hamburg, Kiel, Munich and Freiburg have reclined on his treatment table but also many from Austria, Benelux and other neighbouring European countries.

In spite of the extraordinary results and many satisfied clients, Dirk Beckmann noticed that the session results of some of his clients could be better. Mental blockages appeared to be the cause. Which is why, in 2009, he began focussing on different methods of mental training, coaching, neuro-linguistic programming and hypnosis and successfully completed several training programs in these areas. On the basis of these methods he developed a session concept from special mental techniques, customized for body therapy, which would open new possibilities to his clients and put the method to the test on a number of voluntary probands – with great success.

In 2013, Dirk Beckmann decided to give his treatment concept a name of its own, and ES-Equilibrium State was born. The name he chose essentially means “balanced state”. A fitting name then, because the new treatment concept restores balance, both physical and mental, for his clients.

Today Dirk Beckmann lives and works in Düsseldorf. In addition to working with clients and writing specialist books, another task that means a lot to him is the vocational training of new therapists. This has found an especially important place in his life. It is Dirk Beckmann’s dream to give people back a considerable amount of their original potential and natural wellbeing. Equilibrium State is an excellent way to do this.



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